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I am Shady Kimzey and I want to make your life more creative and fulfilling.

Photo of Shady Kimzey, a white non-binary femme wearing a mid-legnth black and white wrap dress, wearing glasses with their hair in a ponytail, standing in front of evergreen trees outside.

I am a teaching expert and passionate creative who has taught over 330 students in 30 classes over the last year. I am the founder and facilitator of Bad Art Company and have worked at top institutions such as Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill. I have a Master’s degree in Social Justice Education from UMass Amherst.

3 UNC students and 1 community member standing behind a two-tone face we created with spray painted pill bottle caps.
A group I led for DEAH Day of Service at UNC-Chapel Hill.

I consider myself a high-achieving rebel which has led me to a successful career despite having no formal art training, having disabilities, and not using social media.

A collage featuring the word Strength in colorful bubble letters with a woman's face and two black cats on top.
“Strength”, Mixed-Media, 2024.

I am a studio artist at Eno Arts Mill and you can find me on LinkedIn. I run two newsletters on Substack: The Bad Newsletter and Creativity Playlist.

A black patch with "Bad Art Saves Lives" painted on it in white.

My motto is "Bad Art Saves Lives" and I believe in the power of creativity to improve mental, physical, emotional, and social health.

Bad Art Co. written on a pink and black abstract background.

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